Empowerment Debating

Empowerment Debate

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So whats a Debate?

A Debate is a discussion which puts 2 or more people with multiple points of view into a discussion ring with a third party acting like a judge.


Its a triangle of 3 groups of people...

Pro(s), Con(s) and Judge(s)...


In a Debate the goal is to convince the judge with sufficient evidence and good reasons.


This can be used in real life, but requires some tweaking.

The reason for that is that "Reason itself" is thinly spread into the outside world.


Therefore, you like to know I will teach some real life skills to proof yourself against most debating tricks used against you.


This subSite delivers you a few of these methods.

Absolutely Free.



If you notice a Debate Trick used against you:

See it for what it is: a trick.

Its not about you, although it might feel that way.


Warning: suppress this feeling when IN a conversation


AND take time to Allow this feeling when ALONE, AFTER the conversation.


Dont fear the trick.

Dont fear prejudices.

Dont fear yourself.


Dont ask why they do some things:

This is because most people dont know this themselves.

If you do, mostly You will get a Charade thrown at you...


There is something going on, but dont freak out:

Its Their problem.


If You DO freak out?

Suppress the Emotion when IN the conversation or walk away...


ALLOW it AFTERWARDS, when alone.